Concert Masterpost

Full list of all the concerts I have been to, and will be going to. (DD/MM/YYYY)
Expanded to include musicals/events etc.


20/01/2018: ONE OK ROCK ‘Ambitions Asia Tour 2018’ in Singapore at Singapore Indoor Stadium

01/04/2017: Coldplay in Singapore at Singapore Sports Hub National Stadium
26/11/2017: BLAME IT ON BIANCA DEL RIO at Shine Auditorium

23/01/2016: ONE OK ROCK in Fort Canning, Singapore
30/03/2016: GACKT LAST VISUALIVE in Pacifico Yokohama
10/07/2016: RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of the Seasons 2016 at Kallang Theatre, Singapore (report)
27/07/2016: MAN WITH A MISSION at MILAN, Singapore

2015: (4 total)

04/02/2015: 彼女in the Display (& vivid undress etc) @ NEW TOWER GENERATION 2015
26/06/2015: LOCAL CONNECT at Kobe Taiyou to Tora
28/10/2015: Camui Gakuen de Dashitekudasai (Osaka)
11/12/2015: LOCAL CONNECT at Salvage Project vol.2 in Osaka 2nd LINE

2014: (21 total)

04/01/2014: H”palty at JOIN TO MUSIC in Shinsaibashi Pangea
17/01/2014: fade vs FUZZY CONTROL at Kobe Taiyou to Tora (live report)
18/01/2014: fade at MONTHLY MINT LIVE @ MINT KOBE Tower Records (Acoustic In-store Event) (live report)
25/01/2014: H”palty “I’ll Be Myself” mini album release at Kyoto GROWLY
19/03/2014: H”palty at Kyoto MUSE
30/03/2014: H”palty (w THE Hitch Lowke, DUFF etc) mini album release tour final at Kyoto MOJO
18/04/2014: fade, THE Hitch Lowke, ALL OFF at「はんなりナイト Vol.5 〜春場所〜」in Kyoto MUSE
19/04/2014: H”palty (ISATO & Daiki) acoustic live @ Kyoto AKKUN’S
29/04/2014: COMIN’ KOBE 2014 (Music Festival; fade, MY FIRST STORY, Crossfaith, THE STARBEMS, SHANK, The冠 etc.)
07/06/2014: fade “Crossroad Live Tour 2014~HISTORIA” at Shinsaibashi Club DROP
26/06/2014: H”palty at Fukushima (Osaka) 2nd LINE
28/06/2014: existtrace (GANGLION etc) at Osaka hills
20/07/2014: H”palty, Pulse Factory, RIZING 2 END etc @ Shinsaibashi Club DROP
02/08/2014: flumpool 5th anniversary tour “MOMENT” in Singapore @ *SCAPE The Ground Theatre
16/08/2014: IGNITE! Music Fest 2014 (Bear Culture, Caracal, Plain Sunset) @ Republic Polytechnic (Singapore)
03/11/2014: ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D presents BUMP ON DA STYLE TOUR 2014 (RIZING 2 END, BACK-ON, 彼女in the Display, LOTH etc) @ Umeda ZEELA
18/12/2014: Daiki & ISATO (H”palty) acoustic live
21/12/2014: H”palty/THE Hitch Lowke/The冠/RIZING 2 END @ Neyagawa VINTAGE
23/12/2014: Camui Gakuen de Matomenasai (Osaka)
24/12/2014: Camui Gakuen de Matomenasai (Osaka)
30/12/2014: H”palty @ Shinsaibashi JANUS

2013: (28 total)
08/02/2013: LUNA SEA The End of the Dream Asia Tour, Singapore (“report”/post)
16/04/2013: fade at Music Zoo Kobe TaiTora (report)
19/04/2013: fade at “unfect final party” in Shibuya CYCLONE (report part 1, part 2)
20/05/2013: fade at Red Bull Live on the Road in Shinsaibashi Club DROP (report part 1, part 2)
21/05/2013: GACKT THE BEST OF BEST vol 1 tour, Kobe (2階4列; report
04/06/2013: GACKT THE BEST OF BEST vol 1 tour, Osaka Day 1 (3階8列; ‘report‘)
05/06/2013: GACKT THE BEST OF BEST vol 1 tour, Osaka Day 2 (3階2列)
06/06/2013: fade Jon’s Birthday Celebration live, Shinsaibashi Club DROP (report)
08/06/2013: fade at “SAKAE SP-RING 2013” Nagoya X-Hall (Report part 1, part 2, part 3)
19/07/2013: H”palty at Crazy Panic ★ Part 5 in Kyoto MUSE (Report)
20/07/2013: fade 7.20 preLIVE “START LINE” in Shinsaibashi Club DROP (report part 1, part 2)
22/07/2013: VAMPS Nationwide Tour 2013 at ZEPP NAMBA (report)
02/08/2013: Kaleidotune at Substation, Singapore (Official Photos)
06/08/2013: Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll Tour at Fort Canning Park, Singapore
19/09/2013: fade & H”palty at “THE UNIVERSE Vol.91” in Shinsaibashi Club DROP (report)
21/09/2013: fade (& existtrace) at “HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT LIVE TOUR 2013” in Shisaibashi Club DROP (report)
19/10/2013: VAMPS/HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013 in Kobe
21/10/2013: fade at “The Winking Owl release tour” in Shinsaibashi Club DROP
31/10/2013: H”palty at “” in Shinsaibashi ALIVE
10/11/2013: ONE OK ROCK “Who are you? Who are we?” Tour in Seoul
22/11/2013: Arashi LOVE tour at Kyocera Dome
23/11/2013: Camui Gakuen at Osaka ATC Hall
24/11/2013: Camui Gakuen at Osaka ATC Hall
28/11/2013: H”palty at LIVE AWARDS 2013 in Osaka AtlanQis
07/12/2013: H”palty‘s Daiki & ISATO Acoustic live at Kyoto monthday (video)
22/12/2013: H”palty/THE Hitch Lowke/ALL OFF/ROOKiEZ IS PUNK’D (彼女in the Display etc.) in Kuzuha Px9 cafe
23/12/2013: fade presents DAMAGE LIVER Comeback Tour 2013 FINAL, Shinsaibashi Club DROP (report)
30/12/2013: H”palty at Kyoto MOJO

2012: (8 total)
15/07/2012: Arashi‘s Waku Waku Gakkou Osaka
27/09/2012: fade at MUSIC FEAST vol. 2, Fanj twice (fan report)
03/11/2012: GINNAN ROCK FEST, AIR SWELL/fade/MIYAVI (fan report)
18/11/2012: 神威楽園 de ダシナ祭, Osaka Day 2
02/12/2012: Arashi‘s Popcorn Tour, Sapporo Dome
14/12/2012: MIYAVI Umeda Tower Records In Store Event (mini live + handshake)
18/12/2012: fade Sky’s the Limit tour, Osaka Leg (fan report)
28/12/2012: fade Sky’s the Limit tour, Shibuya FINAL & After Party (fan report)

2007? The Click Five, Singapore Indoor Stadium

28/10/2012: Takarazuka Revue, Jin/GOLD SPARK 
17/11/2013: Takarazuka Revue, Shall We Dance/Congratulations Takarazuka!
DD/MM/2015: December Rain at Esplanade Theatre, Singapore
01/11/2015: Takarazuka Revue, Genji Monogatari/Melodia
DD/MM/2017: Mulan the Musical, RWS Theatre, Singapore

19/08/2012: MOON SAGA at Umeda Arts Theatre
2011: Richard III, Singapore Esplanade Theatre
2010: Tempest, Singapore Esplandade Theatre


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