Kansai-based YouTubers/YouTube Channels About Kansai

The other day I met up with Onigiri Peace, fellow YouTuber cum university schoolmate (what a coincidence!) and we were lamenting about the lack of a YouTube community in Osaka (and Kansai in general) because we found it difficult to gather for collaborations or meetings and there’s just less of a ‘fellowship’ it seems. Not that it doesn’t exist, it’s just smaller in number than Tokyo’s and less tight knit than Nagoya’s.

And then he asked me “Do you watch any other Osaka YouTubers?” and I had to pause and think long and hard about it. I watch loads of Japanese YouTubers and Jvloggers but for the ones in the region….there aren’t very many that I even know of.

“There’s Takeyaki Sho!” I replied, the only Osaka Japanese YouTuber I know, and then I mentioned the big Jvloggers I knew of in the region like BusanKevin and unrested but that was pretty much all we knew about the established names in the area. Wait what???? That can’t be it! 

So I’ve taken it upon myself to find more channels about Osaka (and Kansai) by people who live here or have lived here because this area is too awesome not to share. It’s a work in progress so I’ll keep updating, and let me know if I’ve missed anyone! In alphabetical order, including their profiles off YouTube ♥

Japanese YouTube Channels and English translations of their profiles are also included. Click “Read More” for the full list.

Last updated: 14/11/2016

Ace Cakes
“Hi, i am Ace Cakes. We do travel vlogs, if and when we travel. (I mostly travel with my sister, Vv) At this point of time, Vv will be studying in London and I, Ace, will be studying in Kyoto, Japan! We both make vlogs and hope you will enjoooooo0oooy them!”

Alyse S. (nanairomiso)
“Welcome to We ♥ Kansai on youtube..!! 🙂 I’m a (relatively) young, American artist who married a Japanese man one day and got whisked off to Japan. Except that I ended up in a not-so-typical part of Japan (i.e. not Tokyo). And thus my mission began, to spread the love of Kansai to the rest of the world (for world domination of course). Seyana! I’ll try to keep the topics interesting and in relation to life in Western Japan, but at times, my own manias may take over ;)”

Aleksi Himself
“Hey and welcome to my vlog channel! I am Aleksi, an international-minded Finnish guy living in Japan doing my exchange year here. I’ll be making videos about my life here. Subscribe to keep yourself updated! And remember to smile”

amadofu (previously lived in Kansai)
“おそよう!My name is Christopher but you can call me Toph or Amadofu! I’m 25 years old and originally from New York. However, I’m currently residing in Yokohama, Japan where I teach English. Things you’ll see on my channel are special events, cute cafes, 限定 (limited time only) items, and anything nerdy! This channel’s purpose is to help me share my life in Japan with my family, friends, and anyone who stumbles across it! よろしチュウ~”

Antonio Fox
“My name is Antonio currently im in osaka japan! sub and come on the journey with me”

beanmylife/Bernie Low (hey it’s me!)
“Hi! I’m Bernie and I am a bean potato all the way from Singapore majoring in Cream Puffs (!?) at a Japanese university. 2015 marks my 22nd year of existing on this planet. Welcome to beanmylife, my YouTube channel where I post vlogs of me derping around in Japan and Singapore.”

BusanKevin / jlandkev
“Odd and Weird News from Japan and Korea….some other stuff too!” / “Hey everyone! This is BusanKevin’s blog channel. I suppose a more REAL me is on this channel!”

Charlie no Seikatsu
“My name is Charlie. I’m a 27-year-old writer from the U.S.. As of November 2014, I will be starting a job as an English teacher in Japan. The name of this channel, “Charlie no Seikatsu (チャーリーの生活),” means “Charlie’s Daily Life,” and that, ultimately, is what I want to show through my videos :)”

“American Expat living in Kansai. I talk about Japan from a long-term point of view. I dabble in tech story and love unboxing stuff. During the winter, traveling around and snowboard take up a lot of my time. I’ll have reviews of Skijo and hotels, too. I’ll do my best to answer question about Japan that other j-vloggers haven’t answered.”

Dances With Cranes
“Life in the ‘inaka’ of Japan. Besides sharing bits and pieces of my life in Japan, I will try to show you things from Maizuru, Kyoto. The name is a play on the town I live in. Maizuru means “dancing crane.””

“The name’s Rich, and I made this channel after deciding to study abroad in order to share my experiences and perhaps help convince others to pursue their passion projects. My attitude: one day at a time, and better late than never!”

Eevee Morgan
“Just a girl from New Zealand living in Osaka, Japan. I have arthritis, live to explore, and love to laugh. This channel is to document any adventures I feel are video-worthy.”

“Suburban NYer living in Osaka for….she don’t know really”

JaDAN – Dan in Japan
“Adventures in Japan through the eye of a British guy. Get ready for some interesting and wonderful content direct from Japan. There will be new videos every Monday and Friday, so please hit the subscribe button to make sure you always get the freshest content direct to your screen.”

Joe Vlog (ジョーブログ)
“ジョーブログは随時、チャレンジ動画やおもしろ動画をアップ☆★ アメリカ0円旅。ヒッチハイク0円横断旅。超かっこいい自転車の乗り方。本物のティッシュ配ってみた。etc..
ジョーブログは “チャレンジすること” を基本テーマに、面白い動画などを放送するチャンネルです。”
Challenge-type videos and other interesting videos are uploaded to Joe Vlogs. Travelling America with 0 yen, Hitchhiking, The Cool Way To Ride A Bike, Giving Out Tissues etc. With the theme of “Taking on a challenge”, interesting videos etc make up the Joe Vlogs channel.

Keepingupwithkell (Main channel: kellylovesbeauty1, expat previously based in Osaka)
“Welcome to my vlogging channel 🙂 Im a beauty guru that likes to live life to its fullest & take you all along with me! Subscribe if you want to see my life! Love you guys!”

Kristina in Japan
“HI there! I make videos about things I find interesting in Japan! I’m your senpai now :)”

Laura Dex
“Hi ! I’m Laura ! I’m a 22 years old Belgian girl studying Japanese. I post vlogs about Japan & Japanese language!”

Lisa -リサ- Riisargh in Japan
“Hello everyone! I’m Lisa from Manchester in England. Follow my journey in Osaka, Japan studying Japanese. I will make videos to share my experiences of living and studying in Japan.”

Michael in Osaka

Morgan in Japaradise
“Hi! My name is Morgan. I love Japan! Join me as I learn Japanese, talk about Japanese culture, take you to restaurants and events, and just have some fun. I want to share tips and frustrations about learning Japanese; I want to share weird products and foods I find at the stores in Little Tokyo; and I want you to meet the friends I’m making! Lastly, I want you to see me become fluent. I’ve got a long way to go, but, as the Japanese would say, GANBARE!”

Nihon Reboot
“Hey everyone its Nihon Reboot! I am currently studying abroad and want to share my experience here so people can watch and get inspired to study abroad themselves. Or at least encourage them to travel ^-^”

Nippon Culture Quest
“Hey guys! I’m Mel and I’m currently living, working, and experiencing culture in Japan. I love travelling around the place and visiting some more “off the beaten track” places as well as the usual favourites. And the food … did I mention the food? I want to share these things with you guys and create an awesome little community where we can nerd out over some awesome things.”

Onigiri Peace 
“Hi. I am introducing Japan in my videos. I was born in Australia. Please Check them out!”

“Hey guys!! Once again I’ve become an exchange student.. at Kobe University!! Join me and my adventure as we experience Japan together!! ^^ The aim of this channel is for me to show you guys what Japan is like through ‘my eyes’. Both the good and the bad!! I’m also an aspiring singer-songwriter in Japan.”

Hide in Osaka/Pandalicious 
“Hello everyone! My name is Sam, and welcome to Pandalicious! Pandalicious is a channel where I dispense videos about food, Japanese culture and some random shenanigans! So please strap yourselves in and enjoy your Pandalicious ride! :D”

Rising Gaijin
“Ok, I have been youtubing since 2008. The thing is its 1-22-14 and I am barley putting a channel description. I make a video once a year on account of I have a lot of things going in. My youtube is a hobby. Its also a way for me to practice my video editing. I currently live in Osaka working as a Teacher (of course) a DJ and a Model. Modeling and being a DJ is just for fun. Teaching is my passion and hope to do it for the rest of my life. This channel is for my friends and family back home and also for people who want to come to Japan and have a few questions.”

“Roninjapan is fish out of water repatriate with a huge passion for Japanese culture, society and language. Currently Roninjapan91 is the host of the new show Nippon News Weekly. A show that recaps current events involving Japan.”

Hello it’s Takeyaki! I upload videos once every two days!

Ten Tobata
“Hello world ! This channel is supposed to be what is kansai is al about in Japan !! Secreat sightseeing spot in North or South Osaka, Hyougo prefecture, local food, bandwagon in Kansai, stuff like that !! i’m gonna try tour all of u guys deep in Kansai in videos and show u guys how kansai bandwagns works as well !! I do upload so many stuff news on u guys so please check them out and don’t miss them !!”

“I’m Adam. I’m a Cajun from South Louisiana. Living in Japan teaching English. I’ll chronicle my adventures here. For all the video evidence please subscribe and check back.”

“Welcome one and all to the big red dot on that white rectangle we call Japan. Here a lone vlogger dares to cover the topics the apologists wont. Not only that! He dares to dig deep into the horrific underworld of creepypastas from Japan. The ones none of the other readers can find or even translate. If that isnt scary enough for you every saturday our show Osoroshii Saturday will take you farther down the demented rabbit hole. But thats not all! There is so much to do, see, and learn about this awesome country and I am here to share it all with you and answer all your questions!”




5 thoughts on “Kansai-based YouTubers/YouTube Channels About Kansai

  1. Nice list.

    I’m actually going to be back in Osaka for new years I’m hoping to pop out a few videos. I need to put out some of my old content. I’d say I’m busy but aside from having my software problems, I’ve been lazy recently.

    While living in Osaka it was hard to get people together. Everyone was busy. I used to organize Christmas and different things. After I left suddenly everyone started hanging out more.

    I’ll be back though 😉

    • Thank you!

      It is quite hard isn’t it, quite unexpectedly so. I never really hung out with the community much (but I also started vlogging pretty late into my stay in Japan). Hopefully now it will be easier to find other channels 🙂

  2. Hi! I just started V-Logging in Kansai (Akashi/Kobe/Osaka/Himeji) and would love it if you can add me to the list 😛 https://goo.gl/eyDCA3 is the link to my channel.

    I am also trying to get involved with the existing Youtube community so This post was super useful.

    Also Love the blog! added to my blogroll!

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